Our Products

Acrylic Products

At Northern Cast Acrylics, we use premium-grade acrylic to manufacture a wide range of products that feature outstanding strength, stiffness, and optical clarity. Tested and validated for compliance to the USP Class VI Plastic Material standards of biocompatibility, our acrylic products are suitable for a variety of medical and industrial applications. We provide the following acrylic products in customisable length, width, thickness, diame...

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Industrial Products

Northern Cast Acrylics has an extensive inventory of industrial components made from high-quality plastics, polymers, and acrylics. These products have been engineered to perform well in high friction and wear applications and perform at peak performance levels under rigorous conditions. Some of the plastics and materials that are used in the design and manufacturing of these highly resilient industrial-grade products include PEEK, Teflon,...

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Pipe Fittings and Fabrication Components

Northern Cast Acrylics fabricates a wide range of PVC pipe fittings for the plumbing, drainage, and ventilation systems of commercial grade. Designed to offer unobtrusive, efficient flow, these pipe fittings can be fabricated in any shape, size, and other specifications using various fabrication techniques, such as thermoforming, butt fusion, welding, and gluing. We offer the following pipe fitting and fabrication components at Northern Cas...

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