Our Approach

At NCA Engineering, we work with all industrial, engineering and display grade materials, helping our clients find a material that best suits their application. The focus of our experts is to help the client choose a robust, high- performance material that offers them exceptional practical value and extended durability. In order to ensure this, we consider the heat tolerance, hardness, machinability, dimensional stability, resilience, and various other characteristics of several different materials and select the one that offers optimal performance and significant cost savings.

Optical/Clear Materials

As clear as finest optical glass but lighter in weight, some optical plastics and polymers offer excellent light transmittance, and are therefore for a wide range of applications that demand exceptional optical clarity and unobtrusive protection. Commonly used in the manufacturing of lenses, pipeline sight glasses, and submersible windows and viewports, these plastics offer high breakage resistance and can be easily machined and fabricated.

The clear plastics that we commonly use at NCA Engineering to manufacture machine guards, face shields, skylights, and other products include:
- Acrylic
- Polycarbonate
- PVC (Blue Tint)

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Engineering Plastics

These are engineered to deliver the same level of performance in event the most challenging conditions. Particularly suitable for industrial applications, these plastics offer high resilience against extreme temperature, friction, and corrosive chemicals. In addition to this, because of their resistance to humidity, ultraviolet light, and other environmental factors, engineered plastics are also suitable for outdoor applications.

We use the following engineered plastics for a variety of industrial applications.
- Polyethylene’s (All Grades)
- Polypropylenes (All Grades)
- Nylon (All Grades)
- Acetal/Delrin/Ertalyte
- Tufnol (All Grade)

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High Performance Materials

Our range of high performance polymers features materials that offer excellent temperature and chemical stability. Best suited for applications that demand high performance in hostile environments, these plastics offer better mechanical properties and heat stability than engineered plastics. In addition to this, high performance polymers like PEEK offer steam and wear resistance and exhibit very low toxic gas and smoke emission when exposed to flame.

At Northern Cast Acrylics, we work with the following types of high performance polymers.
- Acrylic

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