At Northern Cast Acrylics, our mission is to provide all industries with a unique one-stop-solution for their precision machining and plastic fabrication needs.

Northern Cast Acrylics aims to become the number one provider of precision machining and plastic fabrication services and solutions to help businesses overcome their unique challenges and improve the efficiency of their workflows and processes.

Continuous Improvement — At Northern Cast Acrylics, we consistently look for a better, faster, and most cost-effective way of crafting tailor-made solutions for our customers.
Problem-Solving — We work collaboratively to develop innovative solutions that employ engineering to solve the unique challenges faced by a business and provide them with a solution that adds value and efficiency to their day to day operations.
Ethical Behaviour — We work in an environmentally responsible manner according to the highest ethical standards and ensure our compliance to all applicable rules and regulations.

The NCA Difference
What sets NCA apart is its commitment to continuous improvement and problem-solving through investment in the latest, high-performance technology and equipment. Our ability to craft solutions that address the precise, industry-specific challenges faced a business has helped us gain the trust of our esteemed customers and establish ourselves as the industry-leading provider of premium-quality, highly precise, value-adding solutions and services.

Northern Cast Acrylics was established in 1985 by a forward-thinking businessperson, Tom Brown. The company initially focused on the design and manufacturing of acrylic products only, but soon expanded its product portfolio to include a wide range of industrial-grade products.

NCA experienced accelerated growth from the very beginning because of its ability to invest in the latest machinery and recruit highly skilled engineers who shared company’s passion for innovation. As a result, Northern Cast Acrylics was able to hone its acrylic printing and finishing skills and develop a mass-production facility that allowed the company to undertake large, more complex prototyping and fabrication projects.

Northern Cast Acrylics is a precision machining and plastic fabrication company that takes pride in providing innovative, high-performance, and cost-efficient solutions for a variety of medical and industrial needs. Working since 1984, Northern Cast Acrylics has led the way in precision machining since its inception and has proven its commitment to quality by continuously investing in developing the skills of its workforce, as well as in high-precision machining equipment.

Today, the company offers a range of machining and fabrication capabilities and an extensive portfolio of high-performance products to a wide range of industries, particularly to the healthcare, electrical, automotive, aerospace, and pharmaceutical industry. In addition to this, Northern Cast Acrylics also provides USP Class VI Plastic testing and certification services to businesses, helping them reduce their regulatory risk and improve their compliance.